Digital Loft

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Digital LOFT works with the best digital marketing, design and development talent across the UK, and internationally, pairing them with some of the most exciting companies in the market.

We believe that every person is unique and we take care to help plan and progress your career as an individual, providing advice and guidance on your CV, your interviewing technique and consult on exciting relevant career opportunities, to help you get to where you want to be in your career.

When growing your team, we can assist you with recruiting in the short term, whilst also helping to map out and pipeline potential talent for your team and business in the medium and long term. Ensuring you always have the right people with you to progress your business.

Additionally, we can support your business with restructuring or outsourcing projects, providing support, advice and guidance for any affected staff. If you are looking to progress your career or develop your team, give us a call for confidential expert advice on 0161 416 6409 or contact one of our expert consultants.

We are proud to operate as part of the LOFT group